NPP Spring Centre - manufacturer of springs with thirty years of experience, develops new
technologies, materials and methods of processing for springs operating in special conditions:
- high and extremely low temperatures
- corrosive environments
- special loading conditions
- non-magnetic

Designing and manufacturing of springs and elastic elements from titanium-based alloys
-Medicine, Sea, Aviation, Space, Energy, Chemical Industry
-Low density - low weight. Is 1.9 as light as the steel equivalents
-High corrosion resistance
-Long term use at temperatures -50 ... +350 ° C in the air, up to +200 °C in seawater vapor
-Service life is 20 times longer than steel equivalents
We use special titanium-based alloys

Design and manufacturing of springs and elastic elements from nickel-based alloys
-High elastic characteristics during long-term operation of springs at temperatures of + 500 ... + 800 °C
-High relaxation resistance, excellent cyclic endurance at operating temperatures of -250 ... + 800 °C and long service life
-High corrosion resistance
-Low magnetism
-Long-term use at a temperature of +500 °C in air, up to +200 °C in sea water vapor
-Advantages when designing compact-sized devices that do not require thermal protection
We use special nickel-based alloys

-Aviation, space, nuclear, electronics, electrical engineering, oil, gas
-Excellent corrosion resistance
-Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity
-Absolute non-magnetic
We use special copper-based alloys

1. Our company produces springs and elastic elements for special operating conditions according to the existing design documentation of the customer
2. Our company produces springs and elastic elements according to customer requests, which require research and development work with full-scale tests for the optimal selection of the material and geometric configuration of the spring or elastic element
The main customers are purchasing organizations of factories or engineering companies of the aviation, space, electronics, shipbuilding, food, medical, energy, oil and gas industries (as well as other industries in which products operate in extreme conditions, such as: ultra-high and ultra-low temperatures, highly corrosive environments, non-magnetic applications)

Considering collaboration

Search for partners, such as engineering companies, to create lines of special units of equipment (with our springs design and special materials), working in extreme conditions.
Collaboration includes:
- engineering
- prototyping
- tests
- promotion

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